If buildings could talk..

October 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

this is something I wrote when I was in bhuj, Gujrat, India..Just couldn’t see all those beautiful buildings dilapidated. So wondered………………
If buildings would talk.. about their design,
wonder if they’d ever wanted to change a line.

may be they aren’t happy with the entire facade,
coz the architect just did it because it was easy on CAD.

If buildings would talk ,they’d tell me the goog-ups during construction…,
and how it all jus added to the corruption!

Towers complaining about the pollution in the city,
“We cant breathe” , they say with the environment so dirty!!

Chocked with plaster and outlets only for ACs,
The buildings are suffocated..,please let in some breeze…

The heritage buildings have a different story,
Some boasting of royalties.., Basking in glory

Some others, still manage to stand,
Crying out for help , but no helping hand.

If these buildings could talk, I’d never need a tour guide from now,
the walls would tell me on what they were built and how!

They would tell me history,they would tell me tales,
And why their once rich coloured walls have now turned pale..!

If buildings would talk, people would realize..
Architecture goes beyond space and time…

If buildings would talk …..I don’t think it would matter,
Coz here people don’t have even a ear for each other!

I wish they’d just listen to what the buildings had to say,
Coz Architecture speaks anyways!!


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