More words of wisdom

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..designed by Seymour Chwast for Imprint


Some scribbled poems

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Feeling the wind on our face
makes us wonder of God’s grace
to sooth our sorrows with gracious ease
All the opportunities we need to seize
and make our lives worth living
coz one day we’ll be questioned of our givings.


Together we hold, together we feel
all together we make it real
The key is to let them know that we’ll be there
despite the obstacles giving love and care


Afraid of the truth don’t ever be
coz its the only way to be free
Since we are blessed with every soul
helping in our journey to reach our goal!

hopeful Heart

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Sometimes you need a fresh start,
Coz things aren’t going just as you thought.
but hold on, and keep moving on,
“You’re almost there” says your hopeful heart.


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I’m posting this wonderful video in gratitude for all of the encouragement received from the readers of this blog. It sums up beautifully the meaning of Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy it.
Artist’ website:

Leave your trail

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Behold, my friends, fire away!
take up a charge,
make your own way
Leave your trail
for another soul
someday like you
seeking his goal.

Words of Wisdom

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Words of Wisdom is weekly post by design legend and Push Pin Studios co-founder, Seymour Chwast. “Chwast’s Quote” appears every Thursday, exclusively on Imprint-The Online Community for Graphic Designer

Goodnight God!

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Goodnight God, I am going to bed..
work is over, prayers are said.
I am not afraid of this night,
for you will be watching over me till morning light.

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