We think we see it all

October 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

Through my brown eyes I see a world, but only see the brown. I see the mud, the rocks, the building tops. I see everything around.

Through my green eyes I see a world, but only see the green. I see the grass, the trees, the rolling fields. I see all that’s to be seen.

Through my blue eyes I see a world, but only see the blue. I see the sea, the sky, the birds that fly. I see all that is on view.

Through my eyes I see all your worlds and all the things you do. I see the rocks, the trees, the seas. I see brown and green and blue.

See, the things you see are all so great, but it’s best to see them all. And seeing your worlds through my eyes makes my world much less small.

Ed Stockham

By layering our vision along with everyone else’s vision, together we create a much broader, deeper, richer vision of the world. Crisper colors. Farther mountains. Thicker trees. Deeper oceans. More opportunities. Empathy isn’t just something you give to others; it’s something you give to yourself — by being happy that what you see isn’t the whole picture. How willing are you to accept that you only see a sliver of the world? And what are you doing today to see the world through someone else’s eyes? All of our visions are equally needed.


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